Top 5 Questions Nannies Ask

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Top 5 Questions from Prospective Nannies
Why Should Nannies Use an Agency?

Q: How much does being a live-in nanny pay? How many hours will I work?

A: As your agent, we guide but don't set salaries; beginner nannies who have only babysat can expect around $600/week initially, scaling up based on experience, children, and hours. Experienced live-in nannies receive $700-$1500 weekly or more. All nannies receive perks like free room, board, a car, and additional compensations like travel and gym memberships. You won't bear rent, utilities, or travel expenses.

Hours typically range from 40-45 per week, with two days off and two weeks' paid vacation. We ensure agreed-upon hours are honored in your Work Agreement with the family.

Q: Where are your jobs?

A: Our job placements vary weekly but commonly span New England, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, California (LA & SF), and Washington D.C. Openness to diverse locations is essential.

Q: Why do I need to work with an agency? Is it free?

A: Our agency supports nannies without charge. Families cover our fees. We ensure fair treatment, manage contracts, address disputes, and help find alternative placements if needed. Your comfort and respect are paramount.

Q: Will I be connected with other nannies? How will I meet new friends?

A: Join our private Facebook group to network with fellow nannies. We may connect you with others nearby. In rural areas, fewer connections may be available, but we aim to prioritize your preferences.

Q: Do I get to pick my job?

A: Absolutely! You decide whether to accept a position. you will interview with multiple families until you're sure you've found the right fit. There is no obligation to accept a job.  There is also a six week trial with every family.
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