Top 5 Questions Nannies Ask
                                                                                By: Kari Shafer, Owner

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Top 5 Questions from Prospective Nannies
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Q: How much does being a live in nanny pay? How many hours will I work?

A: We do not set nanny salaries, YOU do - however, we will help you come to a realistic expectation on salary based on our experience. If you are someone with childcare but no actual nanny experience, you can expect to make about $600/week if you have never been a long-term nanny for the same family. This can increase rapidly based on many factors such as nanny experience, the number of children, the number of hours and many other things. We will never let any nanny accept a position where the hours and pay are not set up front and are fair for everyone involved. That is our role as your agent, we will always protect your interests. In addition to the weekly salary of $700-$1500 you will also get free room and board, the use of a car and other compensation such as free travel, gym memberships, tuition assistance and gas money depending on the family. Keep in mind you will not have any rent, utilities, car payments or other living expenses. All of your moving expenses and travel to the family home are paid as well as your return ticket at the completion of your one year contract.

Live in nannies have a schedule just like live-out nannies do. Our job as your agency is to enforce the agreed upon hours. We do not allow our nannies to be worked in excess of the hours agreed to up front. It will be your choice to pick a job with the hours and pay that is right for you. Typically hours are between 40-45. We do not allow nannies to work 50 hours per week or more generally unless there are special circumstances. Increased hours will always increase pay and you will always receive overtime for any hours above your agreement with the family. We like to see our beginner nannies work between 40-45 hours per week. You will typically have two days per week off and get two weeks of paid vacation.

Q: Where are your jobs?

A: Our jobs change weekly because nannies get hired quickly with YCN! I can answer where most of our jobs are located at any given time. Our jobs are most often located in New England (CT, MA), New York, New Jersey, Florida, Chicago, California (Los Angeles & San Francisco) and Washington D.C.  We have placed nannies in just about every state.  As a YCN nanny you need to be open to all (or most) locations.  We almost always have jobs in NY, DC and San Francisco in addition to jobs throughout the rest of the country.

Q: Why do I need to work with an agency? Is it free?

A: A great nanny agency will always help you for free. There is no charge to be placed with a family, ever. Our families pay our fee and we are here to help our nannies make sure they are valued as the awesome family helpers that they are and treated with respect and that all of the terms of the contract are being upheld by both parties. We will make sure you are paid on time and fairly as well as paid overtime. We will make sure you are not overworked. We will manage your contract and make sure you are not being asked to do things outside of the agreement. We will make sure you are being treated with respect and kindness. We can also mediate if you and your hiring family are having trouble solving a problem on your own. If the contract is breached or you are not comfortable with your family, we will help you find another family immediately. You have a trial period with every family and are never ever pushed or coerced to stay anywhere you aren’t comfortable. Shawna and I want you to have an AWESOME experience, we will do our best to make sure you are picking the right family and help you however we can.

Q: Will I be connected with other nannies?  How will I meet new friends?

A: YCN has many nannies around the country at any given time. We have a private Facebook group for current and active nannies to network and stay in touch. We also may provide you with contact info of other nannies close to you. If you choose a job in a rural area or small town, it is less likely that we will have other nannies in your area. We can help you pick the right job for you based on what’s most important to you.

Q: Do I get to pick my job?

A: ALWAYS! It is always up to the nanny whether or not to accept a position. You can interview with multiple families until you are comfortable that you have found the right one. You are never required to accept a position with YCN, if you interview with families and do not find the right job, you are free to leave the agency with no obligation. We do ask that you work with no other agencies while seeking a job from YCN and work with us in good faith to find you the right position. We do not take specific location requests. You will be interviewing with all of the families who meet your requirements nationwide. You should be open to picking the right family wherever they may be located. The wrong family in the right location will not be a good experience for you.

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