Why Should Nannies Use an Agency?

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Diverse Opportunities
At YCN, we open doors to unique family opportunities you won't find elsewhere. We connect you with families committed to long-term relationships, not just temporary arrangements. Families partnering with us invest significantly in your role, seeing you as an essential part of their family rather than a replaceable caretaker.

As your agency, we invest in your success. We've invested time and resources in understanding your skills and personality, ensuring a good match. Our commitment doesn't stop at placement; we're your support system, ensuring your happiness and security in your new home. Your placement director is there every step, offering guidance and support.

Ensured Fairness and Security
Your well-being matters. We facilitate detailed contracts with families, ensuring fair treatment, timely payment, and a safe living environment. Any promises made during the hiring process are honored, and we always have your back if anything goes amiss.

Extensive Network and Community
Join our nationwide network of nannies through our private Facebook group. Connect with others across the country and find local connections. For LDS individuals, we offer resources to connect with YSA Wards or other nannies nearby.

Join Us
We're currently offering placements across the United States. If you're 18 or older, open to relocation, and have babysitting or nanny experience, we're here for you. You're not our employee, and our service to you is entirely free. Let us help you find the perfect family fit.

At YCN, it's not just about finding a job – it's about finding a family and a community where you belong.

Your Child's Nanny
Your Child's Nanny

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