Why Should Nannies Use an Agency?
                                                                                By: Kari Shafer, Owner

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1. MORE OPPORTUNITIES - By using an agency, you have access to families you wouldn’t find elsewhere and can interview with multiple families at the same time. Most families that use YCN have been with us for years. Finding a family that has a successful track record with nannies is so important, there are a lot of families out there who go through nanny after nanny and use free services to have a revolving door. With YCN, you have families investing a large fee in hiring you. They are as serious about you as you are about them and see your employment as an investment for their family rather than being random and disposable.

2. GUIDANCE - Another great advantage of using an agency is that we look out for our nannies. You are also an investment to us. By the time you have been placed with a family we have spent a significant amount of time getting to know you and a significant amount of money to get you ready to go out into the world as one of our nannies. This means that we are not only a warm and compassionate place for you, but we also have a financial stake in keeping you happy and secure at your new home. We are always here for support, advice and help. You will never ever feel alone with your placement director by your side holding your hand.

3. CONTRACT - Every nanny that works with one of YCN's families has a very detailed contract with your new family as well. We will always make sure our nannies are treated and paid fairly, paid on time and always have a safe place to live and stay no matter where they are in the United States. We will make sure all of the promises made to you before you are hired are honored and we will ALWAYS make sure you are treated well and have your back should something go wrong.

4. NETWORK - YCN has a network of nannies across the US. We have a private Facebook group where nannies from everywhere connect and often connect nannies in the same city. In addition, if you are LDS, we have resources to help you connect to a YSA Ward in your new town or with other nannies nearby.

We currently have families all across the United States. You must be 18, willing to relocate anywhere and have babysitting or nanny experience. We do not hire any nannies and you are not an employee of YCN, we will assist you in finding the perfect family for free.
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