Your Child's Nanny is located in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon.  We have placed live-in nannies from coast to coast 
since 2003.  
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Kari Shafer
Owner/Executive Director
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We can't thank you enough!  Ashley has grown to be a part of our family in the short time that she's been with us! We all love her dearly!! Her parents raised a wonderful girl! ~HeatherTestimonials!
This past weekend I sat in my kitchen with my family, <our nanny> and <our previous nanny> and her husband. It was great to see so many people that cared for and loved my children. The absolute quality of the connections you  have made for us is built on your excellent reputation as an agency. Everyone, even the women we interviewed and did not match with, have been terrific. Thank you for that. 
<Our nanny> is great. The kids love her. My 4 year old, who I was worried about, became instant friends with <our nanny>. After only a week she is part of the family and I have confidence it will work out. 
Just wanted you to know the difference you have made in our lives and have allowed my wife and I to provide for our families doing jobs we love. Thanks again. I will continue to update you. ~Frank
I'm SUPER excited! This definitely wouldn't have happened without you! Thank you so much! You have definitely been here with me every step of the way, thank you so much! ~Nanny Jordan
Thank you for all of your help during this process.  You've made this so easy and enjoyable for me and my wife. ~Greg
I'm super excited. I'm soo happy. I can stop smiling! I am literally beaming right now!! Yay!! Thanks for helping me make my dream come true!! :)  ~Nanny Steph
Things are going great out here in New York! I'm loving my family and really learning my way around. The kids are really great. I feel like they've always been family. Thank you again for helping me! ~Nanny Erica
She is our glue and we will miss her dearly, all of us in our own special ways. She has her dreams and she needs to focus on herself now. When she has children, they will be the luckiest children on Earth. 

We were very pleased with the whole process with YCN and would like to begin the search for our next nanny with you. ~Rebecca
I am loving all these profiles, I feel like there are so many good options and I'm excited to find the right fit for my family. After going over all the profiles, I really like so many qualities about all of them. I like the two you picked just as you thought I must have been doing this a while ;) ~Kelli 

Without your help, this would have been so much harder on me. I am forever grateful for your guidance throughout this journey. Greg and I have learned so much from this experience. ~Abby 
I'm leaving New York and just wanted to tell you that I've had an amazing time! The girl who is taking my place is very lucky. The family is a great family to be with. They are so welcoming and the kids are both so smart and a joy to work with. The neighborhood is very nice as well and with New York City so close there is so much to do! I have had no complaints the entire year and a half I've been here.  

I am so sad to go! I can hardly believe that in a matter of days it will all be over. I want to wish the new nanny the best of luck and thank you for all your hard work. I am so thankful that you were there and especially in the beginning when I was interviewing and trying to find the perfect family. 

It has also been great to have <another nanny> so close...she literally lives just around the corner. So if this new nanny needs a friend, she is always close by!

Thank you again for everything!

~Nanny Stephanie

Thank you so much for guiding me to be placed with this family! I could not Ask for a better placement! They are so caring and welcoming , and are treating me like I am apart of there family instead of that I am just their employee! They are such kind people! I am so grateful and thankful to be here and for this new job! Thank you so much for everything you did for me!!!
  ~Nanny Kendra
She is doing great and the kids have taken to her so well. She is so calm and sweet. The first night my daughter told me "I love <Nanny>". Mahalo for all your support. You have been so professional and caring. You are great at what you do!!!
 Warmest aloha ~
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