Your Child's Nanny
Your Child's Nanny
We are  focused on the individual needs of the family and nanny. Our approach is to help each family create the job that best suits their needs and then find the right nanny who is eager to meet those needs.  No one is "placed"; every family and nanny will choose one another with our help and guidance.  Unlike the au pair programs, there are not "rules" for what you can and can't do, although you will be guided through what works and what doesn't based on your needs and create and employment plan that ensures success.

You will have one on one assistance from me, the owner - I have placed over 2,000 nannies and have 30 years in the nanny industry.  My small agency staff knows everyone by name and I believe that creating strong nanny/family relationships starts here.

YCN has been placing live-in nannies since 2003.  Our process is fine tuned and you will only be accepted into our program if we are confident that we can help you find the right fit.  In addition, every family works with us for free.  You don't pay until you have an accepted job offer.  We will use our years of experience and high standards to help you make the best match and then secure employment with the most comprehensive Work Agreement in the industry.  YCN will be available the entire duration of employment for support and/or mediation.

Our reputation and attention to detail are apparent in everything we do.  We invite you to work with us today!​

Our Services During the Hiring Process

Our Services After the Hiring Process

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