How long will it take me to find a job?
There are a lot of factors that go into this answer: the time of year, your experience level, the questions you answer on your application and more. We typically suggest applying at least 4-6 weeks prior to your desired start-date, although you can apply up to a year ahead of time. Some nannies have been hired in as little as a week if they choose to accept a position quickly.

Do you place live-out nannies?
No, you must be willing to relocate anywhere in the United States to work with Your Child's Nanny. We only place live-in nannies.  

Do you charge your nannies money or fees?
NO! Nannies are never charged a penny to use our service or to travel to the families’ homes. Our nannies have no out of pocket expenses to work with Your Child’s Nanny.  
*There may be a fee charged to nannies that back out of jobs after signing an agreement, but only when a nanny has signed an agreement and refused to begin the agreed upon job.

Why should I use a nanny agency?
As your nanny agent, we are 100% in your corner. We are NOT your employer; we are here to make sure you get the job you want, get paid a fair salary and that your new employer sticks to the terms we have all agreed upon. Because of this, we are committed to each and every nanny’s happiness and success. We don’t have a business without you!

How much will I be paid as a nanny?
Most beginner nannies (someone with childcare experience but no long-term nanny experience) start at about $600/week. Keep in mind, this covers your rent, utilities, food, use of a car and more. Your benefits total an extra $1000 - $2000/month in addition to your weekly salary. More experienced nannies can make significantly more in excess of $1500/week.

Does YCN set my pay?
No, as an agency, we will recommend a fair salary to you based on your experience, but we do not require you to set your salary at that level.  Your input is valuable and appreciated.

Does YCN choose a job for me?
No, it’s always up to you to pick the family right for you. We are here to help you every step of the way. We will give you tips and suggestions for choosing a family that best suits you, however, the choice will always be yours on which job to accept.

Where do YCN families live?
Our families live all over the United States. Our most popular areas are NY, NJ, CT, DC and California (Los Angeles and San Francisco) although we place nannies in all 50 states.

Are there rules for YCN families?
Yes! Every family must complete a work agreement with their new nanny. We help each family with this and make sure that you know before you begin with any family your hours, your pay and the expectations of the job. We do not tolerate families or nannies that do not follow the Work Agreement. We also have strict requirements on how you are to be treated as an employee and demand that both nannies and families are treated fairly and with respect.  

What is in the Work Agreement?
Every aspect of the job is outlined in the Work Agreement including when and how much you will work, what your days off will be, when and how much you will be paid, what happens if you work extra hours, when and how much vacation time you will receive and what your holiday schedule will be like. We will also cover the duties you will be expected to perform, the rules of the household, a description of your living accommodations, an explanation of your use of a vehicle and many more details of the job. Each work agreement is approximately 6 pages typed and will be created especially for you.

What is YCN’s involvement after placement?
YCN is always here for you. We want you to have an awesome experience and will always be here to help you work things out with your hiring family or just be a listening ear. You will develop a strong relationship with your placement advisor who will guide you every step of the way through placement and beyond.

How do I interview with YCN and with the families?
All interviews are over the telephone. Sometimes you may interview via Face Time or Skype as well. We do not require face-to-face interviews, although some families may want to fly you out for an interview before hiring you. If this is the case, the family covers all your costs for travel.

What will my living accommodations be like?
All families are required to provide the nanny with a private bedroom. Some nannies may share a bathroom with the children. We do not allow nannies to share primary bathrooms with teen or adult males. We can assure you privacy. Many nannies have excellent and very posh and private living accommodations.  

What are the basic requirements to be a nanny with YCN?
Be at least 18 years old
Have experience with children
Be willing to relocate out of your current state 
Be willing to live with the family of your choice for a minimum of one year
Be legal to work in the United States
Have a driver’s license for at least 1 year
Have a clean criminal background
Have a reasonably clean driving record (case by case)
Be a high school graduate or have GED

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