Your Child's Nanny
Your Child's Nanny

Have you ever thought about being a nanny? Your Child’s Nanny has successfully placed over 2000 nannies in the last 20 years. This is an exciting adventure and we are eager to have you as part of our team. Our families are great and you ALWAYS pick your job - we don't "place" nannies.  You will have the opportunity to travel, meet new people, try new things and expand your horizons in ways you’ve always dreamed of!

We are a nanny-centered agency run by nannies.  Our nannies are professionals and respected.  We will guide you through interviews with the families. We will create a work agreement so that you are working fair hours with fair pay and are taken well taken care of. We will continue to monitor your employment with the Hiring Family to make sure they are honoring your agreement. You always get the choice on which family to work with AND you have a trial period to make sure you are truly happy in your new home. We will help you plan and prepare for your move (all expenses paid) and we will help you with anything you need. We want you to love this experience and love YCN!

In addition, our agency is committed to being a safe and inclusive place for nannies.  I am Kari and I have owned this company since 2005 (in biz since 2003) and I have always been an advocate for beginners and we welcome all religions, genders, faiths and backgrounds as long as you meet our criteria.

Fill out our short nanny application at the top of the page to find out more information, we'd love to talk to you!  

What are the basic requirements to be a nanny with YCN?

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