Should I Hire a Mormon Nanny? 

                                                                                            By: Kari Shafer, Owner

When YCN started in 2003, it began as an agency that primarily placed LDS or Mormon nannies.  Over the years, while still placing many LDS nannies, we are committed to placing ALL nannies who can uphold a strong commitment to being a good example to the children we serve.  As the owner of an agency that often places LDS or "Mormon" Nannies, I get a lot of questions about what it might be like to hire a member of the church. I am not Mormon and we are not a faith-based agency.  We rarely place our Mormon nannies with Mormon families so there is a lot of speculation, concern and excitement when hiring someone from a faith and culture different from your own.

A clear benefit to hiring a Mormon nanny is that members of the LDS church have strong and clearly defined morals that lend well to a career in childcare. LDS nannies typically adhere to the principles set forth by their church; they do not drink, smoke, swear, dress immodestly or engage in other immoral or immodest behaviors. Mormons also have an extraordinarily strong commitment to children and family. It is not uncommon for our nannies to come from families with 10 or more children. Large families create many childcare opportunities and a strong background of jumping in and helping out. Although our agency does not accept childcare experience from family members as references, it definitely adds to the overall experience of your nanny.

Another major benefit of hiring a LDS nanny is that your nanny will have a sense of belonging in her new church immediately. A major source of anxiety in hiring a nanny from out of state is that feeling of having to entertain or socialize your nanny in her new environment. Because Your Child's Nanny sets up each nanny in a "Young Single's Ward" in your area, you can be sure she will meet people in her age group that share her faith and morals. Depending on your location, we will likely be able to introduce her to other nannies from our agency as well.
Members of the church, while often called "Mormons" are officially called members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS. Just like all faiths, there are offshoots and sects of the church that do not adhere to the fundamental beliefs of the larger church. Mormons believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God and source of salvation, as do modern Christians. You can find out more about the beliefs of the LDS Church as well as the "13 Articles of Faith" at You may have had a member of the LDS church  knock on your  door,  which often leads to the
question if nannies will proselytize to your family - the easy answer is NO! Not only are our nannies aware that they are serving families with different faiths from their own, but it is not part of their faith to attempt to convert families or children in this setting.  I am looking for nannies who are open-minded and childcare driven.

Our Mormon nannies have a lot to offer, as do all of our nannies. At Your Child's Nanny, all of our nannies must meet the same criteria regardless of faith and we are equally proud to place each of our outstanding candidates. It's very important that your nanny have a comprehensive background check, a clean driving record, excellent references and be CPR and first aid certified. Our commitment to provide these services in combination with the strong moral and family values our nannies bring to the table make for the perfect recipe for success! To find out more about hiring one of our top-notch nannies call us today with your questions.
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